Yellow Capper Expectations & Responsibilities:

  • Learn about the organization and its volunteer policies
  • Participate in a brief orientation and training for your volunteer role
  • Encourage both fun and safety in the warehouse
  • Know the organization's policy or protocol for handling complaints or any issues of concern 
  • Ask for guidance and support in your volunteer role when needed
  • Reply to JRA correspondence in a timely fashion
  • Be punctual for your volunteer shift or duty
  • Be reliable and responsible
  • Communicate any issues or concerns which are likely to affect your volunteer duties
  • Accept guidance from the Executive Director or Chief of Operations or JRA supervisor
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of the organization 

Requirements for becoming a Yellow Capper:

  • Before applying to be a Yellow Capper, an individual must volunteer at a minimum of 4 Food Distributions including delivering at least one or more time(s). 
  • Yellow Cappers must commit to attending at least 8 or more Distributions a year. 
  • Yellow Cappers must arrive by 9:00 AM on Distribution days.
  • Yellow Cappers are passionate about JRA and promote the agency within their communities. 

Please direct any questions about the Yellow Capper program to Maddy Levine-Wolf at

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JRA is able to feed over 6,000 individuals each month with the help of our mighty volunteer network of over 12,000 individuals, but our Food Distributions would not be possible without our devoted Yellow Cappers!

Yellow Cappers are long-time JRA volunteers with crucial jobs in the warehouse during monthly Food Distributions and serve as JRA ambassadors in the community. From restocking assembly lines to controlling traffic to organizing the volunteer refreshments, these volunteers have committed to attending at least 8 Distributions a year and you can identify them by their yellow shirts and caps! 

Yellow Capper Program

As JRA ambassadors, individuals interested in the Yellow Capper program should be excited about the work JRA does and prepared to learn about JRA's recipients, process, and food insecurity in Philadelphia.