Groups of all sizes and types are welcome at JRA. We have worked with over 500 community groups, including religious groups, school groups, business office teams, and social clubs.

All groups must register in advance by emailing or by filling out the form below. Limited space is available for our groups, so make sure to register early!

If you’d like to organize a group to come and volunteer at a JRA Food Distribution, please complete the Group Sign Up form here or additionally, it is located at the bottom of this page.

When your group arrives, the group leader should check-in at the front desk with a JRA staff member. To avoid congestion, please wait for members of your group in the designated meeting area inside the warehouse. If you need help, just ask a JRA staff member!

Bring Your Group to a Food Distribution

We understand things can happen at the last minute. If your group is no longer able to attend the agreed date and time, please email volunteering@jewishrelief.orgor call Maddy, our Volunteer Program Manager, at 610-660-0190 ext. 104.

Packing boxes of food

  • Volunteers will pack between 200-300 boxes of food. These boxes will be sent out with volunteers who arrive before 9:00am on Food Distribution Sunday.

Life is all about learning, so we're happy to answer any questions you may have! Please contact Maddy, our Volunteer Program Manager, at volunteering@jewishrelief.orgor by calling 610-660-0190 ext. 104.

Warehouse Rules

Friday: Pre-Distribution Prep

Preparing the warehouse for Sunday Food Distribution

  • Some of JRA's clients receive diapers through a partnership with the Philadelphia Diaper Bank. Volunteers will assist with organizing diapers for children and incontinence supplies for senior citizens. 
  • Volunteers will set up the produce packing stations. Available January - April and September - December. 


  • Each month, our volunteers deliver the JRA food boxes to over 3,200 households across Greater Philadelphia. Delivery routes are picked up from the JRA warehouse from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. Instructions on how to deliver can be found on route paperwork. 

Box Packing

  • Grab a friend and file in line! Each volunteer carries a box down the assembly line, adding grocery items to their box as they go. During this time volunteers will pack 3,200 boxes of food including produce (except for summer months), for families in need. 

​Packing family-friendly food bags

  • Some of our recipients receive additional items along with their box of food. These bags contain items that can be packed for school lunches. When your group arrives, individuals can choose to pack these bags. We use an assembly line system to pack bags effectively and efficiently. 

The dress code at the Jewish Relief Agency warehouse is casual and comfortable. The warehouse temperature fluctuates with the seasons, so make sure to dress warm in the winter and light in the summer. Closed-toes shoes are required in the warehouse at all times. Please leave purses, backpacks and valuable at home or locked in your trunk. We do not have lockers or spaces in the warehouse to put these items. 

Additional Information.

Packing toiletry bags

  • Aside from family food bags, some of our recipients receive additional items with their box of food such as toiletry bags. These bags come in small and large forms to accommodate individuals or large families. They include items such as toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, deodorant and more.​ 
  • No eating, running or smoking in the warehouse. Please only eat in the designated area.
  • Water and coffee (Sundays only) are provided to volunteers and can be found in the Break Room. 
  • Food and grocery items inside the warehouse are intended for our recipients only. If you are hungry, grab a snack from our volunteer Break Room. 
  • Volunteers should remain in the the assigned work area. If you wish to change duties, please ask a JRA staff member to assist you. 

What will our group be doing?

Box Making

  • The first step in our Food Distribution process is making the boxes to put the food in! When your group arrives on Sunday, a handful of individuals will be responsible for assembling the initial round of boxes to be packed that day.



  • We offer weekday pick-ups from our warehouse on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays following our Sunday Distribution from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. If weekdays would accommodate your group more, you can arrange for pick-up by emailing or by filling out the form below.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Food Deliveries


Sunday: Food Distribution

Box Making

  • The first step in our Food Distribution process is making the boxes to put the food in! When your group arrives on Friday, a handful of individuals will be responsible for assembling the initial round of boxes to be packed that day and to get a head start for Sunday. All of the JRA food is hand-delivered in boxes. 

Ready to sign your group up? Please fill out this form.